SAP HANA Essentials: 5th Edition (English Edition) par Jeffrey Word

SAP HANA Essentials: 5th Edition (English Edition)

Titre de livre: SAP HANA Essentials: 5th Edition (English Edition)

Éditeur: Epistemy Press

Auteur: Jeffrey Word

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Jeffrey Word avec SAP HANA Essentials: 5th Edition (English Edition)

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Updated 5th Edition. New updates for SP7 features, New Big Data & Modeling Chapters, SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud and other recent developments.

SAP® HANA is a multi-purpose in-memory database appliance that delivers pre-installed SAP software components optimized on industry-standard hardware. Learn how SAP® HANA provides organizations with better insight into business operations - in "real-time" -- by analyzing all the data available and enabling them to respond to changing business conditions, no matter how rapid. SAP® HANA enables organizations to instantly explore and analyze all of their transactional and analytical data in real time - from virtually any data source.

This book provides readers with either business or technical backgrounds a broad overview of the architecture, tools, capabilities and use cases for SAP® HANA and shows how it enables organizations to analyze their business operations using huge volumes of detailed information instantly. Each chapter focuses on a specific aspect of SAP® HANA and includes numerous links to additional resources and technical details. Additional chapters will be added on a regular basis, so please sign up for updates or follow us on Twitter @epistemypress